If you are in business for yourself, accept major credit cards, and have been looking for fast small business loans, there may be another answer. It is becoming an ever increasing popular alternative to a bank loan. Qualifying for a bank loan more often than not resembles the little dog in a tutu at the circus jumping through hoops.

Fortunately for the dog, he usually gets a nibble of something good for his efforts. Often with a bank we are left with nothing except exasperation after spending hours meeting with the banker, filling out paperwork, calling our accountant to prepare financial statements, providing tax returns, and the list goes on to only get the dreaded decline letter in the mail four weeks later. It could be out of convenience, frustration, or for the fact that banks are declining most applications, that merchants are turning to merchant cash advance companies for alternative funding.

It can be called several things including a business cash advance but in general how they work is the same. Specifically how they work is very different, but that is for a later discussion. I will give you an example in a very general way. If your business accepts credit cards as a form of payment then you have a source of revenue that has assumedly been going on for a while and if history is a good indication of the future, it will continue. The funding company will look at your previous month’s statements. Some request four months but in today’s economy it is very common to expect them to ask for twelve months. The more comfortable they feel that you will still be around and that you can repay this, the more likely they will provide you with the funds you need. How does it work?

The actual description that companies use is “a cash advance is a purchase today of future credit card sales at a discount”. Got it? Sure. Let me put it in simpler terms. Let’s assume you have a job making 50,000 per year but you have something that you want to do that requires cash immediately. Let’s say you need 10,000 tomorrow to put a down payment on a dream house that you absolutely have to have. You explain this to your best friend and he is willing to give you the 10,000 right now but you will have to repay him 12,500 over six months. And instead of you having to write him a check, your employer will deduct a small percentage of your weekly check that will go directly to him. All those little deductions will add up to the 12,500 you agreed to pay back. Once it reaches that total the deductions automatically stop. That is it! That is how simple in concept a cash advance is and may be a solution to your needs.

If you are at a breaking point with your bank and need a simple alternative, strongly consider a merchant cash advance and leave the dog tricks for the circus.