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Merchant and Business Cash Advance520 plus FICO score
Merchant and Business Cash Advance6 months in business (New restaurants ok)
Merchant and Business Cash Advance$3,500 or more in Credit Card Volume
Merchant and Business Cash Advance
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Merchant Cash Advance and Merchant Funding over Bank Loans

Suppose your company or business runs short of funds and there is an urgent need for capital. The reasons behind this may be many, for example:

  1. Your mortgage or lease is in threat of default.
  2. A new inventory to be purchased.
  3. Pressing bills.
  4. Your suppliers or vendors need payment
  5. Payroll.
  6. A great opportunity came across and you are required to act quick.

The time a bank loan takes for funding:
Frankly speaking, the time a bank loan may take varies, but generally longer than you desire. It may take few weeks or even few months. When the loan in consideration is a business loan it may require a whole lengthy procedure of applications with accompanying piles of paperwork. A person who has applied for a business loan will become very familiar with the process “jumping through hoops”. Many times it happens that by the time your loan is approved, your financial needs have multiplied.

Excellent Credit Accepted Only for Bank Loans:
Bank loans may be a very good way to finance a business project. They do have slightly better interest rates, however, the time needed to secure bank financing and the paperwork needed may prohibit you from exercising this option. Additionally, your credit must be excellent.

But what should be done if your credit is not perfect?
You may or may not qualify for a bank loan depending upon your credit history. Additional considerations include collateral and industry standards for bank loan consideration.

A Solution:
A Merchant Cash Advance is a solution for a business that needs quick funding. Distinctly faster than a traditional bank loan, with relaxed credit qualifiers, a merchant cash account advance is the answer.

Merchant Cash Advance Advantage
If you do not qualify for traditional financing, or if an opportunity or need arises that you need capital fast, merchant account cash advance is the solution. Additionally, merchant service providers provide more flexibility in the repayment schedule.

Merchant Funding
Such merchant account cash advances can be found online using merchant services companies. Merchant cash advances can be used for anything business related and opens a new era of options.